Photography by Paul Smith

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Antler Lake Beaver
After buying my Nikon D7100, I decided to take it down to Antler Lake to see how it would shoot on a..
Antler Lake Trail
One of my favourite places to hike near Gold River is the Antler Lake Trail which circumvents the la..
Antler Lake6
One of the first photographs I took with my Nikon D7100 was of Antler Lake.  This image was sho..
Beaver Pond
This little beaver pond captured my eye one day while working in the area so I headed there on my lu..
Drum Lake Loon
This loon and his gal lived on Drum Lake the year I stayed there after my home burned down.  At..
Drum Lake Sunset
One evening while camping in a small campsite at the east end of Drum Lake I was a witness to a spec..
Fishing the Fog
This photo was taken one morning when I was running my fishing charter business in Nootka Sound on V..
Giant Western Red Cedar
One photogenic morning I captured an old growth Western Red Cedar roughly 10 feet wide at the butt. ..
Kathleen Lake
One weekend I decided to head up the Alice Lake loop to do some camping and get some great photos.&n..
Kathleen Lake Grass
Kathleen Lake was a camping trip I took in 2017 that yeilded some great photos.  This one I sho..
Yellow Toadflax
One day during my long haul trucking days, I was hauling some magnesium chloride to the community of..
Bonanza Lake Sunrise
This sunrise met me one morning while camping at Bonanza Lake on Northern Vancouver Island. ..
Brown Bear
One day while hauling a load of magnesium chloride to the west Caribou Region I came across this bro..
Head Bay Sun Flare
Some mornings are more special than others and one morning when I was busy at work patrolling the He..
Wild Rose
One of the things I used to like to do when I was trucking around British Columbia was to stop and t..
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