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Flower Photos

Flower Photos

Over the years I've been fascinated by the colors and smells of flowers both domestic and wild.  I started out capturing flower photos in my local area where I lived and progressed to taking photos of flowers all across the western provinces of Canada while I was a long haul semi truck driver.  This job actually afforded me a lot of time to take pictures of flowers with my camera while still doing  my job.  

I guess if I had to pick one, it would be shooting wild flowers as they are so brilliant in their colors and sometimes so small that you could look right at them and not see them.  The interior of British Columbia, Canada has some very extraordinary wild flowers growing alongside its roadways and valleys.  The Caribou region was one of my favourite places to photograph wild flower images during my trips around the area.

In this gallery you will find some different varieties including those grown in my neighbours and parents gardens.  My parents have gotten very good at growing flowers and trees that get beautiful blossoms so there is no end to the photos I can take on any given spring or summer day there.  Some of the flower photos included in this gallery are asters, daisey's, honey suckle, lilac penstemons, pansies, poppies, rhoderdendrons, roses, tulips, yellow toadflax, western goat's beard and western salsify just to name a few.

I hope you enjoy these photos of flowers and don't hesitate to purchase any of them if you want to see them hanging on your wall at home or over the mantle on your fireplace.  

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Yellow Toadflax
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Wild Rose
One of the things I used to like to do when I was trucking around British Columbia was to stop and t..
Western Salsify
While trucking west of Lilloet I came across a field of wild flowers and stopped for quite some time..
Poppies are such beautiful flowers and photograph very well.  Their vivid orange colors with bl..
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