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Fishing Photos

Fishing Photos

Prints of fishing photos and adventures that were taken in the waters of Nootka Sound near Gold River on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and other areas of the BC coast. All most all of the following photographic images were shot while I was running my guiding business.  Being on the ocean and lakes afforded me the opportunity to see and photograph some of the most beautiful scenery, wildlife and landscapes that BC has to offer.  I felt blessed to have so many canvas' to choose from at different times of the day where I was able to capture various types of light as it cascaded down from the sky or across the water painting the mountains. 

I remember many early mornings where the fog was starting to lift as the sunrise heated up the air and most wildlife like whales or otters or bears were getting their breakfast right next to the boat or within shooting distance for my camera.  Sometimes it was all we could do to get our lines in the water because we didn't want to miss out on both opportunities that lay before us, namely a humpback whale frolicking in the surf or a bald eagle diving to the water to scoop an unwary fish to take back and feed its young.  Oh yeah, don't forget that every boat around us had a fish on with their nets out to prepare for the catch.

Even the boat ride home after a day's worth of great fishing and fun brought photo opportunities that would appear out of no where.  Just the sunset reflections on the wake behind the boat was enough to get my guests trying their skills with a faster shutter speed to freeze the water splashing on each side of the wake while trying to keep the warm colours of the sunset.  I would pass over the steering wheel to one of my guests so I could also partake in the spectacle that lay before me and some of my shots in this gallery will reflect that. 

There were places where we would come around an island and voila, a ray of sunlight would be shining across the mountain in front of us in such a way as to look like an artist had spent all day with his brushes to paint the perfect landscape portrait that only Mother Nature's gallery could provide.  The cloud patterns were such that the light itself looked like a beam sent down from a light house in the heavens. Truly a magnificent display of photography for all to see in our boat and enough to make us shut her down and grab our cameras to capture the fishing photos of a lifetime.  Life was good donkey!

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