Hello all, my name is Paul Smith.  I am (at this writing) 55 years young and have been shooting images since I was in my teens.  I didn’t start getting serious until a close friend and I decided to join the Comox Valley Camera Club in my thirties.  I have been dabbling in photography off and on ever since.  Because I have never pursued a professional career in photography I had to get a day job.  The job was a sport fishing guide in Nootka Sound and became a business career for 20 years until I decided to try something different.  After selling most of my boats, I became a long haul truck driver and I now own my own truck.  I also own a web design and hosting business that is doing well.

All three of these careers afforded me the opportunity to still pursue my hobby of taking photos and learning about different forms of light, composition and some of the technical aspects of photography.  With the advent of the internet this became easier as there is a lot of websites in the wild that will teach you everything you want to know to get started or grow in photography.  It is my hope that I can add one more site to the already thousands to choose from, that may offer a different perspective and help someone else learn something along the way.

Of course, I also hope to sell some of my prints to those of you who may be interested in my work.  Over the years I have sold many of my images, mainly to family and friends with the exception of a few “word of mouth” clients along the way.  I will offer my prints in different price levels depending on quality of the printing process required for the work.  There will be prints in the affordable range for those of you who may just want something to give as present that doesn’t stop you from paying for the fuel to deliver it.  There will also be prints in the higher ranges for those who are seeking something with longevity and value.

Hopefully you will find this venture a positive one and please don’t hesitate to provide feedback and ask questions where appropriate to do so.  I will do my best to answer the questions and make the changes that your feedback may provide.


Welcome To My Canvas