1. How do I purchase a print from your site?

To purchase a print you must browse to the category of your choice from the navigation menu in the header at the top of the pages.  From there you will look over the images until you find one or two or…that you want to purchase.  Next you will choose a print size (mandatory) from the dropdown menu under the print.  If all you want is the print you will make sure the mat and frame options are set to none and click add to cart.  To purchase a print with a mat, choose the print size then the print size mat in either single or double from the drop down menu options and click add to cart.  If after choosing your print size and type of mat, you also want to add a frame to your print choose the frame size and colour then click add to cart.

Keep in mind that if you choose a 5×7 print you will need a 8×10 mat and frame, if you choose a 8.5×11 print you will need a 11×14 mat and frame, if you choose a 11×14 print you will need a 16×20 mat and frame, if you choose a 13×19 print you will need a 18×24 mat and print, if you choose a 16×20 print you will need a 20×24 mat and print.  If you want a 24×36 print you will have to order a custom mat and frame as we don’t stock precut mats or frames for that larger size.  To view our mat colors click on this link.  Here are images of our picture frames.

Print sizes larger than 11×14 will be shipped without glass as damage is very common with sizes over 11×14.  Contact your local glass shop for a price for your print/mat/frame.

After making your choice and adding to cart, your price (in blue) will change from my base price (15.00) to the price for your selection. Your shopping cart will show up at the bottom of the page with your order details or in the side bar if you choose to keep browsing my website. Once you decide to check out please follow the prompts after making payment choice. Once your funds have cleared, your order will be shipped.

2. Do you ship glass with your framed prints?

Only up to print sizes of 11×14 everything above this size will not be shipped because of consistent damage occurring during transit.  Check with your local glass shop for prices on frame size you are looking at.