Here is the types and colours of wood frames that we have to go with our prints.  Keep in mind that anything over 11×14 will not be shipped with the glass due to breakage that occurs regularly with larger sizes.

When you click on an image to view the larger size you will have to click on it again to close it.

black wood frame
3/4″ Black Wood
black wood wide picture frame
3/4″ Black Wood Wide
black wood picture frame
7/8″ Black Wood






black wood photo frame
11/4″ Black Wood
black wood image frame
13/8″ Black Wood
black wood frame
15/8″ Black Wood






one and three quarter black wood picture frame
13/4″ Black Wood
black grain picture frame
11/4″ Black Grain
black wood with gold lip picture frame
1″ Black with Gold Lip






brown wood picture frame
13/4″ Brown Wood
seven eights gold wood picture frame
7/8″ Gold Wood
mahogany picture frame
11/2″ Mahogany w/black accent







mahogany lacquered with black accent picture frame
11/2″ Mahogany Lacquered w/black accent
modern gold wood picture frame
11/2″ Modern Gold Wood
white wood picture frame
7/8″ White Wood