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Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photos

Living in British Columbia, Canada has afforded me a great opportunity to capture wildlife photos of all types of wild animals.  Over the years I've travelled around Western Canada and seen some spectacular wildlife in all seasons of the year.  Some have eluded me while others practically bump into me when I'm out and about. Shooting wildlife photography is very rewarding.

Some of my favourite memories are being on the ocean and watching the unbelievably intelligent Luna the Killer Whale (God rest his soul) do his thing or Gray Whales broaching next to the boat.  While Luna was with us in Nootka Sound, we enjoyed an experience that few people will ever get a chance at in their lifetime. Unfortunately for me I didn't get any real quality shots of him as I was always too busy driving the boat so my guests could photograph and video tape him. 

Others include my trips through Jasper National Park where Big Horn Sheep, Elk and Wolves to nam a few walk right beside the highway begging for a photo opportunity.  Here are some of my best and most popular images of wildlife for you to enjoy and purchase.

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Antler Lake Beaver
After buying my Nikon D7100, I decided to take it down to Antler Lake to see how it would shoot on a..
Drum Lake Loon
This loon and his gal lived on Drum Lake the year I stayed there after my home burned down.  At..
Brown Bear
One day while hauling a load of magnesium chloride to the west Caribou Region I came across this bro..
Big Horn Sheep
One of the frustrating things about hauling freight through Jasper National Park was the Big Horn Sh..
Whiskey Jack
While hiking most of the Vancouver Island mountain trails you will see the Gray Jay or Whiskey Jack ..
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