Fishing the Fog

Fishing the Fog
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This photo was taken one morning when I was running my fishing charter business in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  We had gotten on the water very early and got all our gear set up and in the water and was waiting for the fog to lift so we could see what the day would shape up to.  Believe it or not we got into salmon right away with limited visibility and other boats trolling past us wishing us all a very good morning.  Once the fog started lifting, the sunrise started to reflect off of the fog as it was dissipating.  I waited for a time when the fog had retreated to the coastline so I could get the rough water effect which deepened the color of the ocean against the warmer colors of the horizon.  All the while we were netting Chinook Salmon and releasing them back into the water.  My clients were awe struck by ambiance of the morning and the way the sun lit up the mountains as it rose in the sky. 

The rest of the morning warmed up quite nicely and we had boated our limit but continued to catch and release salmon for the thrill of it while waiting for the tide to change so we could move out a few miles and hunt for some halibut.  The light that the sun presented to us that morning was astonishing to say the least and we all photographed some very good images of the light bouncing off the water and coastline.  One of my guests commented that this was one of the most perfect mornings she had ever witnessed while fishing with her husband and would go along way towards getting her to come with him again.  We all had a good laugh at this comment because we knew that her husband had been trying for a few years to convince her that there was more to fishing than the slimy mess and cold feelings the early mornings provided.

Once the water calmed down and the time was getting closer to the tide change, we pulled up our gear and headed out towards the halibut grounds.  After arriving at my gps coordinates as gray whale suddenly appeared as if to welcome us to his domain.  Pictures were being taken fast and furious as he kept circling our boat out of curiosity.  Then just as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone and we settled into the slack tide fishing for halibut.

Once we had reached our limit for halibut we pulled in our gear and headed back for the lodge with a feeling of satisfaction and serenity with the world around us.  It is days like this that I really loved to take photos on the ocean while getting paid to guide guests into some of the best fishing on Vancouver Island.  Most of my clients would agree that Nootka Sound is truly a paradise that provides you with unlimited photo opportunities along with the added bonus of unparalleled fishing anywhere.

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