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Landscape Photos

Landscape Photos

Over the years I've developed a keen interest in shooting landscape photos primarily on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  However, I have also shot a lot of various landscape photography in other beautiful areas like Jasper National Park or the Yukon.  Here is a collection of various photos of lakes, meadows, mountains, rivers, streams and forests for you to enjoy or purchase.  I have tried to pick my favourite landscape pictures and also the most popular ones that sell to you the general public.  There is an assortment of colors including autum leaves, foggy scenes, misty lakes and mountains, sunrises, sunsets, and the beautiful hues of the early spring as everything comes back to life.

I will continue to add to the gallery of images as I take them or get off of my lazy butt when the urge arises.  Hopefully you will be just as enthralled by the beauty of Western Canada and other places that I have visited in search of the exquisite landscape photography that Mother Nature has to offer.

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Antler Lake Trail
One of my favourite places to hike near Gold River is the Antler Lake Trail which circumvents the la..
Giant Western Red Cedar
One photogenic morning I captured an old growth Western Red Cedar roughly 10 feet wide at the butt. ..
Head Bay Sun Flare
Some mornings are more special than others and one morning when I was busy at work patrolling the He..
Little Salmon Lake
I once took a load of mining equipment to Wolverine Mines in the Yukon and from there I had to trave..
Mila Lake
When I was in my twenties a good friend of mine and I hiked up to the Comox Glacier and while I was ..
Moat Lake
Back when I was younger, I went hiking with my dad and a close friend to Moat Lake.  The lake w..
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