Grant Reefs Fishing

Grant Reefs Fishing
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One day a good friend of mine with whom I had been going fishing with for many years and I decided to get up early and head across to Grant Reefs to do some salmon fishing.  We had been following the weather for the last three days and knew there would be a little fog but the water would be flat so we could ride the 15 km to our destination.  We had been looking forward to this trip for a while and were excited as the fishing reports were excellent from other anglers who had been over there.

That morning we launched our boats and the fog was about 10-20 feet above the water so we could travel without our gps mapping systems.  The trip took about 35 minutes and once we got to the green can bouy that marked the reef we were able to drop our lines and pour the coffee.  After about 15 minutes the sun started rising in the sky and I decided to dig out my Olympus OM1 and an orange filter to catch an image of my friend in his boat as he passed by my boat on his regular trolling pattern. 

I waited for the sun to be in a position just behind his boat as he trolled by me and with the orange filter snapped off a shot and changed the aperature to one stop smaller than my original f8 and took another one.  I then decided to open the aperature to 5.6 to see if I could warm up the shot a little and that decision resulted in the shot you see above. 

The day turned out to be one of those days that will remain engrained in my memory for a long long time.  We caught some nice salmon and a few rock cod to take home and the water was flat all day long.  I even got some good color once the fog lifted later in the morning.  Believe me when I say that I don't tan all that well so it was an added bonus for me.

The photograph also made the front page of our local newspaper and was purchased as part of a set for a local motel to use in their fishing brochure along with another image of fishing at twilight with the moon shining bright in the purple sky.  All in all a great time and photo opportunity that occurred because of Mother Nature and her surreal weather patterns on a hot summer day.

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