Yellow Toadflax

Yellow Toadflax
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One day during my long haul trucking days, I was hauling some magnesium chloride to the community of Gold  Bridge west of the little town of Lillooet, British Columbia Canada when I happened upon a tall grassy field where there was an old farmers plow.  I stopped my big rig in the nearest pullout so I could walk back and take the shot for my collection and voila, right there beside me was a few wild flowers that I hadn't even seen before.

I got out of the truck with my tripod and camera gear and walked back to the old horse pulled style plow and after capturing a few shots, went back to the wild flowers. There I set up my tripod and pulled out my Sony DSC H9 and began taking a series of pictures.  I chose this camera as it was more suited for the overcast skies and light that was being filtered by them.

At first I was mesmerized by the small yellow flower that looked striking familiar to some of the ones that grew in my parents garden back home.  I knew however that the flower (I later learned it was named a Yellow Toadflax) was nothing I'd ever seen before so I began  taking photos with a shutter speed of 125 and aperature of f8. There was a slight breeze and enough light to acheive my goal of capturing the flower without any blurred movement.

This photograph is my favourite and most popular seller among the ten or so that I captured that day.  The whole trip proved to be a great one as I found many other wild flowers along the way that you will see in the gallery.  I also took some great images of a few lakes in the area and a deep valley with a winding river running though it that made me think of the old western movies I love to watch on TV or videos.

The Yellow Toadflax looks awesome on a feature wall enlarged for all to see and has been one of your favourite ones to purchase from my photo gallery.  I hope you get as much enjoyment from the image as I do and even if you don't buy the Yellow Toadflax photo, I know you will get great satisfaction just admiring it in my image gallery.

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